Ilana (loving_bitch) wrote,

you'll never see the light... who wants to see?

mm, yes, got the life is on the radio, holy shit i love this song, it makes me so hyper.

yeah. um. english was better today. no mentions of valium or fucking domestic abuse, no dylan telling me he loves me. in fact, i actually understood what we're doing in english. i hate gulliver's travels but it's actually really a little freaky how little politics between then and now have changed. and how much the book really relates to politics and society in general. school was in general ok. well, as ok as school could be. i had another test in music theory, she told me that i'm doing really well. ms. best informed "chamber singers" that we have a gig on the 25th of october. jesus christ, something else is happening on the 25th and i can't fucking remember what... fucker, don't you hate that? i had my seat moved in earth science so i can pay attention better, and i finally fucking understand what we're doing in math. venn diagrams, oh yes oh yes! hahaa, oh i'm smart.

no margie or barbie or felicia in school today! i was so sad... i miss them!

dylan ... dylan dylan dylan... he's coming to my brother's bar mitzvah. oh boy, that's gonna be... bad. ooh, i hope it's good?

i'm going with neil to the village tomorrow to get my dress! ooh shit, yes, i cannot fucking wait.

i took the train today with aaron. oh shit, it's been so long. i got to tell him some stuff, he drew pictures in my notebook. i dunno, even if we don't hang out like we used to, we're still best friends, we always will be. hopefully? yes...

i actually did my math homework tonight.

i'm changing my livejournal username, i'll keep you guys updated when it happens.

"what" are you?

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