Ilana (loving_bitch) wrote,

we all want somebody to loovvee...

bryan, where are you? i need to apologize to him for being a bitchhh... it was a long time ago - a week ago- i feel baddd...

i called dylan before, we talked for like an hour. haha, he was telling me about the "rules" of dating - i'm not allowed to make fun of myself but he can make fun of me. yeah, ok.

dan finklestein called... hahaha oh boy. "will you call me?" uh, yeah! it's like i'm the guy at the end of the date. i say i'll call and i never do.

mm, tomorrow, village, marge, rita, meg, maybe antonio, maybe catt, dylan, me. and i wish felicia would come... oh and ashley! she was supposed to fucking callllll me.

i know i'm neglecting all my friends because i'm so preoccupied with dylan, and i feel bad. i feel horrible. i am horrible. i'm a bitch. tomorrow's the 29th. monday's the thirtieth. i will not forget. fuck fuck... june, july, august, september. four months. i cannot forget. goddamnit, why, mara, why.

i wish i could curl up and die.
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