Ilana (loving_bitch) wrote,

sew her arms and bleed.

all's well in hell today.

i got to school at around seven fifteen-ish, with jimmy and jason (i was on the train with them)... when we approached school, i started shaking, because i knew dylan was outside with catt and i didn't want to face dylan because of yesterday, so i kinda approached slowly and shit, unside of what i should be doing. but then he kissed me and whatever and then catt reminded him i needed to talk to him about ... stuff. so i did and he told me to stop being stupid and then we went inside. before we got on the elevator, he stopped me and was like, "are we going out?" yes. "and we're gonna stay going out." right. "so stop being stupid." i'll try. i wish with all my fucking heart and soul i could give a more solid answer than "i'll try" but at the moment it's the best i can do. yeah so then we went up to the cafeteria for a while, then he left to go to lab. catt and i talked for a little while then she went up to class, and i put on my music and zoned until my phone started ringing. guess who. (faten) ... we talked for a little while but i think i hung up or something. later, i made aaron call and leave a message for her. haha. shit, angel.

mr. frisch came in durring vocal ensemble and listened to us singing "in my life." i thought it sounded soooo bad but apparantly he liked it so it was all good. i realized that i haven't talked to ms. miller in sooo long, i kind of miss her.

school was all-over boring. i like school from second til fifth period then i can go home. yeah.

i can't wait for the fucking weekend already. i can stint on sleep allll week, doing stupid shit late into the night and waking up at five in the morning. the weekend is for making up sleep. ok? get it?

i had an earth science test today and i finished it and then two minutes later, the fire alarm went off and they evacuated the building. we got back in and fucking mr. leurs ripped up the tests and told us we were taking them tomorrow. what. the. fuck.

umm, today's my brother's birthday and i'm going to the city with my father in 45 minutes to see a broadway show.

my tooth hurts.

i'm trying so hard not to get, like, really attatched to dylan because i always end up fucked over and i just don't want to go through that shit again. but it's so hard because he's so sweet. but... i barely know him. i think... i think he and i have to have a little chat. i shall do that tomorrow-ish.

i may be meeting up with faten tomorrow.

haha, i love jamie cohen. he was studying for the earth science test and he was making fun of what we were doing by talking in all these accents and shit, it was hilarious. and then we got into this whole conspiracy-theory thing, it was soooo awesome.

devil has a hotrod
devil high on speed
devil has a black dress
sew her arms and bleed
kids sure like the devil these days
and i'm the devil with the black dress on
do you wanna hurt me angel?
because i'm hurting now you're gone.

i had this medely of jack off jill playing in my head. grrr, i want the fucking cd!

kids sure like the... i'm gonna go.
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