Ilana (loving_bitch) wrote,

i hate my fucking family. i'm in a bad mood and they're fucking confronting me about fucking everything i'm doing or saying. i hate them i hate them! why can't they leave me the fuck alone? i want to be alone i want to be by myself, without them fucking getting in my face! maybe then i wouldn't be fucked up, maybe then i wouldn't cut myself and be so fucking angry! i hate it i really hate it! i wish they would realize that i'm not fucking five, i'm not gonna do everything they fucking tell me to! i'm "angry," i hate them, i hate them for being restrictive and fucking possessive and for keeping me locked up in a fucking ivory tower! i'm fifteen, i'm not doing anything like fucking people, jesus christ, i'm supposed to have a life that doesn't consist of my walls! leave me the fuck alone every fucking one of them! my father and grace do the same fucking thing, i hate it so muchhh...

die die die.

and then... "i don't want you to cut yourself." my selfdestruction is so none of your buisness. my self-destruction is my self. not you not you not you! go the fuck away.
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