Ilana (loving_bitch) wrote,

why does my brother have to play violent video games? what do people gain by playing violent video games? images of blood, shooting, killing, the want to shoot and kill, "oh damn, i got killed, oh well i get another life." sorry, honey, in real life, you don't get a second chance.

when i was watching marge and duncan walk off yesterday, i was struck by how close they are. you can really tell that he cares about her, it's incredible. it's really sweet too. um, yeah.

tomorrow... village! dylan, antonio, catt, meg, marge, rita, possibly joey... i wish felicia would come. sigh, oh yes.

i love waking up and knowing i got a full night's sleep instead of a few hours worth of sleep. i love this feeling of having energy, of being relaxed.

don't you hate it when you're shaving and you knick your skin, not enough so it bleeds but just enough so it stings? ughh, my knee hurts!

i have earrings to be making, bye lovers.
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