Ilana (loving_bitch) wrote,

here i am writing in my journal again like the dumb fucker i am.

i did my performance, i was ok, i guess. my friend natalie was there. i haven't seen her since encampment. we hung out and made fun of our siblings and their stupid friends, then we walked out to the corner of kent and union turnpike and talked for, like, an hour. it was really cool, except for some reason i was way too hyper for my own good and i kept kicking up my legs and jumping around and stuff, and i kept talking about what happened with him today. i bet she got sick of hearing it but she's such a sweetheart and sooo patient that she'd never tell me ever in a milion years that i was boring her to death. i love how people will just listen to me babble on and don't know that i won't care if they stop listening because, uh, no one ever listens to me anyway! are you realllly reading this? uh uh, i don't think so.

i went to times square today because i didn't feel like going home or something, i ended up in virgin megastore and i bought two cds and i realized bikini kill really sucks but that's ok. i'll give that cd to marge, i think.

joey emailed me with this whole long amazing email and i don't even know what to say to him...
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